September’s events

Welcome to old, new and future members of ANC and event goers! Fall has officially started and with that ANC is offering even more fun events for new people where you can familiarize yourself to ANC’s activities and have fun. Info on how to find most events at the end of the message.

Opening carnival Tue 5.9. 12.00-14.00 In front of Educarium
ANC is participating in the opening carnival where you can meet ANC and also this is a great event to tell your friends about if they are possibly interested in ANC and its activities!

Smash weekly Tue 5.9. 17.00-22.00 Turku-sali
Smash leagues fall season’s first weekly is here! During smash weeklies we play Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee in brackets kinda like a mini tournament. If schedule allows it we will also hold an amateur bracket in Ultimate for those who are eliminated in the first round of bracket so that you can try to win in another bracket. You can also come watch the competition and gaming or play outside the bracket and the competition. More info and registration can be found here.
Due to the delayed maintenance of Campus Chapel weeklies will be primarily held in Turku-sali and because of that the next weekly will be on Thursday 14.9. in Turku-sali.
Rest of the September’s weeklies are on Wed 20.9. and Mon 25.9., all in Turku-sali.

Open doors day Tue 12.9. 12.00-18.00 Osakuntasali
ANC will be coming to host a gaming station where you can play Nintendo games and have fun.

Hangout Wed 13.9. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti
A perfect hangout for new people to familiarize and see for themselves what happens during ANC’s hangouts! There will be relaxed hanging out and also the chance to play Nintendo games and much more! Everyone is welcome!

Gaming night Thu 21.9. 17.00-22.00 Turku-sali
Gaming nights are usually hosted in Turku-sali and September’s is no exception. During gaming nights we play in the bigger space of Turku-sali everything from Nintendo games to much much more. Welcome to play and have fun!

Hangout Wed 27.9. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti
September’s second hangout, you can come hang out and play games in good company and also take shelter from the rainy fall weather. Welcome!

Mega Man marathon Sat-Sun 30.9.-1.10. 12.00-22.00 Turku-sali
Playing the Mega Man games in between the months! Saturday we will be playing the Mega Man games from 1 to 6 and Sunday games 7 to 11. Welcome!

As a reminder…
Koneistamo 23 (20-21.10.) A bigger Smash tournament here in Turku, more info and coming later.
ANC will also be organizing the Finnish championship of Nintendo 25.11., more info coming later.
Plus much more!

drinking link

ANC’s events to the end of August

Heyyyy there! Here’s some reminders of what’s still coming from ANC this August:

Pride Parade Sat 26.8. 12.00-13.00 Old Great Square

ANC is partipating once again to the Pride Parade together with other Terrakoti Clubs! Come to say hi and to march for the rights of the minorities.

ANC’s drinking game night Sat 26.8. 16.00- Terrakoti

ANC’s drinking game night makes its long-awaited return this Saturday, right after the Pride Parade! Drinking game night’s purpose is, of course, play many kinds of Nintendo games with little more unusual rules and having a few drinks at the same time. Because there’s alcohol at the event, it’s strictly for people over 18 only. Please remember to take you own drinks and ID with you. Nobody is also forced or pressured to drink alcohol at any point in the event, you are allowed (and surely will) have fun even without!

Hangout Wed 30.8. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti

There’s one more hangout left in the August, when it’s good time to come play and chat with others. Everybody is welcome!

Smash League begins Fri 1.9. 17.00-22.00 Campus Chapel Cancelled!

We must unfortunately cancel this Fridays Smash weekly, because Campus Chapel is (still) under maintenance. Autumn’s Smash League will instead start on Tuesday 5.9.!

(Waiting is finally over when Autumn’s Smash League starts at the same time in the same Campus Chapel! Games will be Ultimate and Melee and you can join the fight were you high-level esports gamer or just heard about the game. Pre-registration link will be published next week.)

ANC will also be attending the following student events and welcoming new students to student life:

Welcome Fair Fri 25.8. 12.00-14.00 University hill

Study in Turku Fair Wed 30.8. 10.00-16.00 ICT-talo

Opening Carnival Tue 5.9. 12.00-14.00 In front of Educarium

These events are meant for showing our activities to new students, but of course people who have been with ANC longer are also welcome to say hi, if you happen to be nearby. And if you now someone who just moved here and might be interested in ANC’s events, you should definitely tell them about these!


Happening in August

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed their summer fully because fall is coming closer day to day. From the beginning of August, hangouts will again be held every other week (that means no hangout on 9.8. or 23.8.), but at the same time other ANC-events will be more common.

Terracon Sat 12.8. Terrakoti and Osakuntasali

ANC is taking part in Terracon, which is an event organized by all clubs living in Terrakoti. Come to play on ANC’s playspot, buy patches and other merch and of course find out what kinds of things you can do at the Terrakoti. More info at: (in Finnish)

Hangout Wed 16.8. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti

Normal hangout, normal stuff. Everybody is welcome to play and hang out with others at Terrakoti!

Kitsunecon Sat 19.8. Kaarina-talo

ANC is attending also to another con, Kitsunecon! It’s held at the Kaarina city library and this year’s theme is games! If you are nearby, come to play on ANC’s gaming spot and of course take a look at other things happening in the con as well. More info at: (in Finnish)

Welcome Fair Fri 25.8. 12.00-14.00 University hill

ANC is welcoming new international students in Welcome Fair, come and say hi!

ANC’s drinking game night Sat 26.8. Terrakoti

It has been way too much time since the last drinking game night, so now it’s time for that. Welcome to have fun and enjoy various Nintendo games with alcohol (and other drinks). Please be aware that because event has alcohol, you are only allowed to enter if you are over 18 years old and have an ID with you!

Study in Turku Fair ke 30.8. 10.00-16.00 ICT-talo

ANC is once again telling about it’s activities in Study in Turku Fair. Come and say hi and maybe buy a patch for yourself.

Hangout Wed 30.8. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti

After the fair it’s good time to come hang out to Terrakoti and play some games from the ANC’s large console game collection.

Other things in the future…

Sadly there was no time for it in August, but on Friday 1.9. continues the Smash league at Kampuskappeli, where players with any kind of skill level are welcome to play some Smash with more or less competitively. Gaming nights will also return in September.

Mega Man Marathon 30.9.-1.10. (Quality games incoming)

Koneistamo 23 20.-21.10. (For those hungry for Smash)

The Finnish championships for Academic Nintendo gaming 25.11. (Champion will be crowned)

And many other things as well!

Animal Crossing summer

Happening in June

Hi there! Hopefully you all have had a nice start to the summer. Now when the summer breaks have begun and days are slowly getting warmer, what could be a better way to spend your time than playing games and having fun with each other. ANCs gaming nights and smash league are taking a little summer break too (☹), but don’t worry because hangouts are there to cover them. That’s right, at least during June there will be a hangout in every week!

So come along to play card, smash or whatever you want (you are also allowed to come and just talk and hang out casually) to Terrakoti every Wednesday:
7.6. (Today!)
Hangouts will be held, as usual, at 17.00-22.00 at Terrakoti.

Other events are also being planned for later in the summer, for example the Gotta Go Fast speedrun event on 15.7. at Terrakoti. If playing games fast interests you, join ANCs discord server ( and take @speedrunnaaja role for yourself. If you want to run in the event you can sign up here: (open until 9.7.)

May’s meetings

May Day has come and gone, but ANC still has events planned for May. The following events can be found during May:

Hangout Wed 10.5. 17.00-21.00 Terrakoti
The first hangout after May Day, come share your stories about the May Day happenings or relax playing (card) games or talk with others.

Smash weekly Fri 12.5. 17.00-22.00 Campus Chapel
With new weeklies come new battles, welcome to fight for glory and league points in Ultimate and Melee.

Gaming night Tue 16.5. 17.00-22.00 Turku-sali
May’s gaming night is also on a Tuesday, and in familiar fashion there will be good games and fun. The long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will also be released at this point, so welcome to enjoy it with others too!

Smash weekly Fri 19.5. 17.00-22.00 Campus Chapel
More weekly grinding again on Friday, best prepare yourself for competition and good times.

Hangout Wed 24.5. 17.00-21.00 Terrakoti
New hangout, old tricks. Games and good company as always is available and this hangout surely won’t be the exception.

Koneistamo 22 Fri 26.5. 17.00-22.00 Turku-sali & Sat 27.5. 12.30-22.30 T-talo
The long-awaited Koneistamo makes it’s return! Koneistamo will be held in two parts, the first of which will be held on Friday in Turku-sali. In Turku-sali, we will play the doubles brackets of both Melee and Ultimate. Then on Saturday in T-talo the singles pools and brackets of Melee and Ultimate both will be played. More info and registration can be found in this link. Everyone is welcome!

Mario Kart

The events of the upcoming week

Happy Sunday to everyone! (Or whatever day it is when you are reading this) ANC has the following events planned for the next week:

Splatoon 3 gaming session Sun 16.4. (TODAY) 16.00 Discord

Paint will be sprayed today on ANC’s discord because it’s time to play Splatoon 3 online with friends! You can join the fight on ANC’s discord server’s pelichatti-1 channel.

Gaming night Tue 18.4. 17.00–22.00 Turku-sali

In April’s gaming night, set on Tuesday, it’s finally time for the long-awaited Mario Kart tournament! Every fan of racing should come to Turku-sali to compete with each other in the most popular games of the series. Tourney starts at around 18 o’clock and it (and the event itself) is free to enter for everyone. You don’t need to sign up beforehand, just make sure you arrive on time. We will find out on Tuesday who is the king of drifting and who shall be hit with a blue shell right before the finishing line!

Smash weekly Fri 21.4. 17.00–22.00 Campus Chapel

On Friday it’s time for another weekly, and as usual, we will be playing both Melee and Ultimate. Players of every skill level are welcome, so show up to show your skills and maybe even demolish the bracket while you are at it. You can sign up in the discord server’s smashliiga channel or in this link as soon as it is updated.

Yoshi laying an egg

April’s activities

Happy early Easter everyone! We are far into spring, but there’s still snow and, luckily, lots of events from ANC coming. This month will have following:

Smash weekly Tue 4.4. 17.00–22.00 Campus Chapel

Tomorrow we will brawl again within Ultimate and Melee! Like usual, Ultimate tournament will begin at 17.30 and Melee at 19.30 and at some point in the evening there will also be a phoenix bracket for more beginner players, so everyone has something to enjoy. You can sign up on ANC’s discord’s smashliiga channel or from this link

The Super Mario Bros. Movie premiere Thu 6.4. 18.00 Kino Diana

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally coming to theaters, and we are going to watch it together to Kino Diana on opening night at 18.00. The movie is in English. More info at

Smash weekly Tue 11.4. 17.00–22.00 Campus Chapel

Weeklies continue and stakes keep getting higher as end of spring approaches! Welcome to continue the grind with both Smash Melee and Ultimate!

Hangout Wed 12.4. 17.00–22.00 Terrakoti

Whether you want to play card or some (more) Smash Bros., it’s always nice to come to hangout to play and, well, hang out with other nice people.

Splatoon 3 gaming session Sun 16.4. 16.00 Discord

Paint is sprayed again on ANC’s discord when the inconsistently consistent Splatoon 3 online session make their return! You can join the fight on ANC’s discord server’s pelichatti-1 channel.

Gaming night Tue 18.4. 17.00–22.00 Turku-sali

April’s gaming night is on Tuesday, and now it’s finally time for the long-awaited Mario Kart tournament! Every fan of racing should come to Turku-sali to compete with each other and to find out who is the king of drifting and who shall be hit with a blue shell right before the finishing line! Tournament (and gaming night of course) is free to enter.

Smash weekly Fri 21.4. 17.00–22.00 Campus Chapel

The friends of Smash don’t have a boring day, because weeklies continue to be a very important part of the week (this time it’s on Friday, by the way). Show up to show your skills and maybe even demolish the bracket while you are at it.

Hangout Wed 26.4. 17.00–22.00 Terrakoti

Hangout at the end of the month continues with the same nice atmosphere that is already familiar from earlier hangouts, so come to play and talk about games with others.

Smash weekly Fri 28.4. 17.00–22.00 Campus Chapel

And one more weekly in April, it’s on Friday too. Games are Ultimate and Melee, everybody is welcome etc.

Also, it’s probably a good time to start advertising the biggest Smash event in Turku: Koneistamo 22, which will be held in 27.5. Everybody has go to there at least!


This week’s events

This week has many ANC events, from a gaming night to the spring meeting.

Smash-weekly Tue 14.3. 17.00-22.00 Campus Chapel
This week’s smash league is on Tuesday instead! Don’t let the change in week day disorient you or otherwise the league points might slip between your fingers. Welcome!

Hangout Wed 15.3. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti
This week’s hangout is in familiar fashion hosted in Terrakoti and also in a familiar manner you can expect gaming and other relaxed things to do. Welcome!

Gaming night Fri 17.3. 17.00-22.00 Turku-sali
March’s gaming night will be held on Friday! Welcome to play games or hang out!

Spring meeting Sun 19.3. 14.00 Campus Chapel
ANC’s spring meeting is in Campus Chapel at 14 o’clock, you can check the contents of this meeting from the spring meeting invitation email. Welcome!

Happening this week

With March right around the corner, there are new ANC events and hangouts to be had. Here are this week’s events.

Hangout Wed 1.3. 17.00 Terrakoti
This month’s first hangout is also held on the month’s first day! Welcome to play with others or spectate. Crash Bandicoot streams make their return too, you can check them out here.

Splatoon 3 netplay Thu 2.3. 18.00 Discord
Because of the new content update, Splatoon 3 online session will be held on discord yet again, feel free to join in on the action. You can participate on ANC’s discord server’s pelichatti-1 channel.

Smash-weekly Fri 3.3. 17.00 Campus chapel
Smash-weeklies continue on friday, you should join the competition and hone your skills. The event is open to people of all skill levels, and you can sign up on this link or in ANC’s discord’s smashliiga channel.