SM-kisat 2023

The Finnish Championships of Academic Nintendo gaming this Saturday

When the end of the year is getting closer, it is once again time for the Finnish Championships of Academic Nintendo gaming this Saturday 25.11.! The players will challenge each other in a variety of games released on Nintendo consoles, though the games itself will be a secret until the competition starts. The event is open for everyone and completely free, so come to show your hidden talent or just to have fun while playing more or less classic games. You can sign up at or by coming to the tournament venue early at the tournament day. You can also find all the other necessary info from the page (though most of it is in Finnish). If you have questions of any kind, you can message us at our Discord server.

In other news, the association meeting will be held on Wednesday 22.11. at 15.00 in Turku-sali, so if you want to influence what ANC will do next year, join the meeting!

Also there’s a hangout right after the association meeting, Smash is played on Thursday and in December’s upcoming gaming night there will be the traditional Paavo’s game music quiz (more info coming later), so you really can’t say the year is over for ANC!

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