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ANC’s events to the end of August

Heyyyy there! Here’s some reminders of what’s still coming from ANC this August:

Pride Parade Sat 26.8. 12.00-13.00 Old Great Square

ANC is partipating once again to the Pride Parade together with other Terrakoti Clubs! Come to say hi and to march for the rights of the minorities.

ANC’s drinking game night Sat 26.8. 16.00- Terrakoti

ANC’s drinking game night makes its long-awaited return this Saturday, right after the Pride Parade! Drinking game night’s purpose is, of course, play many kinds of Nintendo games with little more unusual rules and having a few drinks at the same time. Because there’s alcohol at the event, it’s strictly for people over 18 only. Please remember to take you own drinks and ID with you. Nobody is also forced or pressured to drink alcohol at any point in the event, you are allowed (and surely will) have fun even without!

Hangout Wed 30.8. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti

There’s one more hangout left in the August, when it’s good time to come play and chat with others. Everybody is welcome!

Smash League begins Fri 1.9. 17.00-22.00 Campus Chapel Cancelled!

We must unfortunately cancel this Fridays Smash weekly, because Campus Chapel is (still) under maintenance. Autumn’s Smash League will instead start on Tuesday 5.9.!

(Waiting is finally over when Autumn’s Smash League starts at the same time in the same Campus Chapel! Games will be Ultimate and Melee and you can join the fight were you high-level esports gamer or just heard about the game. Pre-registration link will be published next week.)

ANC will also be attending the following student events and welcoming new students to student life:

Welcome Fair Fri 25.8. 12.00-14.00 University hill

Study in Turku Fair Wed 30.8. 10.00-16.00 ICT-talo

Opening Carnival Tue 5.9. 12.00-14.00 In front of Educarium

These events are meant for showing our activities to new students, but of course people who have been with ANC longer are also welcome to say hi, if you happen to be nearby. And if you now someone who just moved here and might be interested in ANC’s events, you should definitely tell them about these!

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