Animal Crossing summer

Happening in June

Hi there! Hopefully you all have had a nice start to the summer. Now when the summer breaks have begun and days are slowly getting warmer, what could be a better way to spend your time than playing games and having fun with each other. ANCs gaming nights and smash league are taking a little summer break too (☹), but don’t worry because hangouts are there to cover them. That’s right, at least during June there will be a hangout in every week!

So come along to play card, smash or whatever you want (you are also allowed to come and just talk and hang out casually) to Terrakoti every Wednesday:
7.6. (Today!)
Hangouts will be held, as usual, at 17.00-22.00 at Terrakoti.

Other events are also being planned for later in the summer, for example the Gotta Go Fast speedrun event on 15.7. at Terrakoti. If playing games fast interests you, join ANCs discord server ( and take @speedrunnaaja role for yourself. If you want to run in the event you can sign up here: (open until 9.7.)

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