Bartender (R18)

Date: Saturday 18/11/2023
Time: 16:30 – 23:30 + after party
Place: TYY’s Sauna, Rehtoripellonkatu 4 A, 1st floor
Entry fee: 10€ for members, 15€ for others.

TLDR; R18 event where guests bring ingredients listed below for anime themed cocktails. Dress code is smart casual or fitting anime/manga cosplay.

Drinks list:

The epic Bartender party is here!

Bartender party? What’s that?
That’s of course our tribute to the great and classy manga/anime/live action series about the legendary bartender, Ryou Sasakura. His special talent is the skill to offer the drink that solves the major life’s problems of his customer! This all happens in a bar, Eden Hall, that’s located in the side streets of Ginza and has a heavy door that allows one to leave all his worries outside.

To enjoy the atmosphere and to taste all the great cocktails that are created, we have organized our own Bartender event for several years. This year it will take place at TYY’s spacious sauna space, Also, there’s a dress code loyal to the series: a classy outfit that’s stylish enough for a customer of a high-end bar, or a classy cosplay. That’s only to keep the occasion as close to the original series, not to pressure you to buy any expensive suits.

To participate, we ask you to pay a participation fee of 10 euros at the door. For non-members the fee is 15€

All the ingredients for the cocktails, as well all other bits and pieces are provided by the participants, so we ask you to help us with getting all the needed bells and whistles! In the spreadsheet you can see what we need to make the event happen, and you can fill out what you are bringing! Remember to fill out the spreadsheet!

Naturally, civilized conduct is expected from everyone, as it’s only natural while at Eden Hall.

Doors open at 16:30.

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