The Board

Senpai’s board is chosen in every Autumn General Meeting. As a member of the board you can take part in the association’s decision making regarding upcoming events and other activities.

The Board of 2024
Kaj Vorselman; Chairperson
Tuukka Aro; Vice-chairperson, Public communicator and Website manager
Aurora Lipiäinen; Secretary, International and Equality manager
Eero Pihkala; Treasurer and Harassment contact person
Aaron Lounaja; Anniversary party manager
Onni Rumpunen; Facility manager
Johannes Natunen; Social media manager ja Harassment contact person
Justus Anttila; Library manager
Oskari Ketola; Environmental manager

Harassment contact people
If you have experienced harassment, assault, discrimination, or other kind of inappropriate behaviour, please be in contact with Senpai’s Harassment contact people. You can speak with them in the events or in Discord. All the conversations are confidential, and we aim to resolve all kind of above-mentioned behaviour as soon as possible.

Eero Pihkala
On Discord: Peero @eziopony
E-mail: eehepi [ät]

Johannes Natunen
On Discord: johannes @j0pux
E-mail: johannesnatunen [ät]