Senpai organizes a variety of different activities for and with its members:

We’re present at our office Terrakoti almost every Friday from 5 pm. You can visit Terrakoti on other days of the week as well and find like-minded people from other clubs hanging out there. At the office we maintain our quite large library of manga. We also have a comprehensive collection of Anime and Japan Pop magazines from 2013 onwards, which can be freely browsed by members just like the library. In fact it would be more accurate to call the space a common living room for university clubs, rather than an office! At our watch parties we check out different anime series, usually with a certain theme or genre. We often try to pick quality anime that you might have otherwise not seen elsewhere. We also sing anime karaoke roughly once a month.

From time to time we also hold hangouts or other themed events. Earlier events have been for example playing practicing board games, watching AMVs and anime swag swap meets. If you’d like to take part and propose a specific event, you can send us ideas through our feedback form.

Senpai ry manga library

If you have any questions about our activity or using the library, contact the board via email; seele [at] lists [dot] utu [dot] fi.

Members can borrow any of the books from the library.

Become a Member

You can became a member of Senpai ry by filling out the form online.