When can I join as a member?

The annual membership fee covers a membership from the first day of the year (January 1st) until the last day of the year (December 31st). If you become a member between September and December, you get the next year for free.

You can become a member in any of our events for seven Euros. However, you don’t have to miss an events just because you don’t happen to have seven Euros in your pocket at the moment. Everyone id welcome to try and see for themselves, if the association is worth joining

Do I have to join immediately? Can I come and see what Senpai is like?

We don’t want to steal your money but offer a place and a community for a nice hobby. In order for you to not to have to buy a pig in a poke, you are welcome to first see each of our activities (video nights, karaoke…) at least once before having to join. Our future events can be seen from the calender.

Is the membership fee really just 7 Euros? What other expenses there are?

The membership really costs only 7 Euros. If you are an active anime enthusiast, the membership will likely pay itself back to you.

What kind of people are there in Senpai? Is there an age limit for joining?

There are people from all walks of life in Senpai, who have at least one thing in common: interest in Japanese popular culture. We won’t care about your education, gender, sexual orientation, or age, nor do we have an anime starting level test at the door.

The material we watch on video nights is often serious and sometimes very violent. For this reason we recommend to use 13 years of age as a base limit like in similar DVD publications. Some of our events have a separate age limit, like 18 for events that contain alcohol consumption or extremely violent video material.

At the moment we have members from 12-years-olds to over 40-years-olds, the average age being about 20.

I would like to participate in Senpai’s operations, how do I do that?

You can tell us about your ideas with the proposition and feedback form or in Discord. We go through suggestions at least every month in the board meetings and organize events based on them. If you want that your suggestion is handled quickly, we recommend you e-mail the board seele [at] lists [dot] utu [dot] fi.