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April’s activities

Happy early Easter everyone! We are far into spring, but there’s still snow and, luckily, lots of events from ANC coming. This month will have following:

Smash weekly Tue 4.4. 17.00–22.00 Campus Chapel

Tomorrow we will brawl again within Ultimate and Melee! Like usual, Ultimate tournament will begin at 17.30 and Melee at 19.30 and at some point in the evening there will also be a phoenix bracket for more beginner players, so everyone has something to enjoy. You can sign up on ANC’s discord’s smashliiga channel or from this link

The Super Mario Bros. Movie premiere Thu 6.4. 18.00 Kino Diana

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally coming to theaters, and we are going to watch it together to Kino Diana on opening night at 18.00. The movie is in English. More info at https://www.kinodiana.fi/filmer/the-super-mario-bros-movie-orig/

Smash weekly Tue 11.4. 17.00–22.00 Campus Chapel

Weeklies continue and stakes keep getting higher as end of spring approaches! Welcome to continue the grind with both Smash Melee and Ultimate!

Hangout Wed 12.4. 17.00–22.00 Terrakoti

Whether you want to play card or some (more) Smash Bros., it’s always nice to come to hangout to play and, well, hang out with other nice people.

Splatoon 3 gaming session Sun 16.4. 16.00 Discord

Paint is sprayed again on ANC’s discord when the inconsistently consistent Splatoon 3 online session make their return! You can join the fight on ANC’s discord server’s pelichatti-1 channel.

Gaming night Tue 18.4. 17.00–22.00 Turku-sali

April’s gaming night is on Tuesday, and now it’s finally time for the long-awaited Mario Kart tournament! Every fan of racing should come to Turku-sali to compete with each other and to find out who is the king of drifting and who shall be hit with a blue shell right before the finishing line! Tournament (and gaming night of course) is free to enter.

Smash weekly Fri 21.4. 17.00–22.00 Campus Chapel

The friends of Smash don’t have a boring day, because weeklies continue to be a very important part of the week (this time it’s on Friday, by the way). Show up to show your skills and maybe even demolish the bracket while you are at it.

Hangout Wed 26.4. 17.00–22.00 Terrakoti

Hangout at the end of the month continues with the same nice atmosphere that is already familiar from earlier hangouts, so come to play and talk about games with others.

Smash weekly Fri 28.4. 17.00–22.00 Campus Chapel

And one more weekly in April, it’s on Friday too. Games are Ultimate and Melee, everybody is welcome etc.

Also, it’s probably a good time to start advertising the biggest Smash event in Turku: Koneistamo 22, which will be held in 27.5. Everybody has go to there at least!

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