This week’s events

This week has many ANC events, from a gaming night to the spring meeting.

Smash-weekly Tue 14.3. 17.00-22.00 Campus Chapel
This week’s smash league is on Tuesday instead! Don’t let the change in week day disorient you or otherwise the league points might slip between your fingers. Welcome!

Hangout Wed 15.3. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti
This week’s hangout is in familiar fashion hosted in Terrakoti and also in a familiar manner you can expect gaming and other relaxed things to do. Welcome!

Gaming night Fri 17.3. 17.00-22.00 Turku-sali
March’s gaming night will be held on Friday! Welcome to play games or hang out!

Spring meeting Sun 19.3. 14.00 Campus Chapel
ANC’s spring meeting is in Campus Chapel at 14 o’clock, you can check the contents of this meeting from the spring meeting invitation email. Welcome!

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