Valentine's Day

This week’s events

A very lovely Valentine’s Day for everyone! These event’s will be happening this week:

Hangout Wed 15.2. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti

Another Wednesday, another hangout! Everyone’s warmly welcome to play and enjoy good company! There will also be another livestream on ANC’s twitch channel, now it’s time to play the original Crash Bandicoot! So if you can’t make it to the hangout, come and say hello on stream.

Smash-weekly Doubles edition Fri 17.2. 17.00-22.00 Campus Chapel

In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, the both tournaments will be held in doubles format! That means players will fight each other in teams of two and show who are the kings of teamwork! So take your friend, sibling or some rando from street with you and come to fight for tournament win or just to have fun. You can sign up in ANC’s discord’s smashliiga channel or from this link after it has been updated to right tournament. Your level of experience doesn’t matter, anybody is welcome to play in our tournaments. This weekly will also be streamed!

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